Friday, May 20, 2005

Mine, yours, blogger's and everyboby else's waste of bandwidth

I dont read blogs. A month ago I didnt even know what a blog was. Then I stumbled here and decided what the hell? Lets waste some bandwidth...

So, right now you are wasting your bandwidth. There is absolutely nothing of importance to read here. I am just grabbing the opportunity to waste Blogger's bandwidth. This makes the total number of times I mentioned the word "bandwidth" 4, including the one I just quoted.

So, who am I, wasting Blogger's bandwidth (5) at 11:49 PM for no apparent reason?

My name is Vic. Actually, that's not my name, but I've been Vic on the internet since the day I first logged in ten years ago, so Vic it is... I am 28 years old. The shortest description I can come up for myself is:
"Vic, a 28 year old metalhead from Greece, works with computers, eats lots of meat."

Greece... why am I writing in English then? I don't know. I speak English well I guess and I like to show it off. Or it comes natural because my keyboard has english characters on its keys. Or I am subconsciously desiring that the whole global community will be reading this and I am making sure they understand it. Or I am too bored to write in Greek because I hate putting those extra stressing marks. Or I just feel like writing in fucking English mkay?


You know, I was reading some other stuff, browsing, talking on IRC, then realized I still had this stupid Blogger window open... And I hate leaving things unfinished (although I do it all the time, so I guess I hate what I do most of the time...). So, I must finish this crap now...

No. Now.

Er... crap. Don't like it. This *really* *really* is a terrible waste of bandwidth (6), isn't it? Let's take some time here and think about the situation. I don't have anything important to say, nobody is going to read this, and I am still writing it. And I am guessing this is probably more interesting than a good 20-30% of the other blogs around the net and I still think I am being very generous. So what does that tell us (me actually, I forget I am the only person actually reading this...) about the state of the internet, human society, life, universe and everything?

Its filled with a lot of crap basically (all of them).

Again, gone for a good while, reading some of the crap found elsewhere on the net...

You know what? Fuck this blog. Fuck every damn little word of this blog.
I feel fine with my life, I am listening to some really good music right now (Heathen's Dying Season, off their upcoming album, thrashes like the good old days, check it out - oops, nobody's reading this, scratch that...) and life is good despite being filled with a lot of crap. So:

Metal is the Law, Thrash Till Death, Gate 7 and Forty-Fucking-Two.

Good day!:)