Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Metal Shirts TRADELIST

Vic's (AKA dungeonvic) tradelist
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Pictures available at:

Annihilator - Alice in Hell (2008 reprint) L, MINT
Anthrax - Now It's Dark (prefer a size trade) M, EXC
At the Gates - Final Slaughter tour smaller L, MINT
Blind Guardian - White Somewhere Far Beyond tourshirt L, good (somewhat faded)
Candlemass - Epicus - DOOM, L, MINT
Cannibal Corpse - Eaten Back to Life '92 original XL, VG
Cannibal Corpse - Logo-Monolith of Death '96 tourdates LS, L/XL, G (VG but has some holes)
Cathedral - Endtyme LS, XL, MINT
Death - Individual Thought Patterns / band pic '93, L/XL, VG
Fantomas - Delirius Cordia, L, MINT
Gamma Ray - Powerplant/band pic, XL,
Helloween - I Want Out/Dr. Stein red shirt 2007 tour
Iced Earth - Horrow Show/tourdates
Iron Maiden - Somewhere in Time /Somewhere Back in Time tourdates
King Diamond - "Them" 2005 reprint
Megadeth - Peace Sells sweater 1987 (Vic explosion on front/Megadeth dictionary definition on back), M, MINT (size trade desirable)
Metallica - Damage Inc 1994 (XL but shorter than usual), MINT
Nevermore - Poison Godmachine/tourdates 2000, L, EXC
Obituary - World Demise gray, XL, EXC
Overkill - Under the Influence reprint, L, MINT
Rage - Ghosts, L, EXC
Slayer - Root of All Evil/band pic 1988 tour, L, VG
Sodom - Get What you Deserve/Aber bitte mit sahne 1993, XL, EXC
Testament - Souls of Black reprint, smaller L, VG/EXC